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Richard Beck blogs that Blessed are the Tricksters.

John Martin writes for Fulcrum about Ten Things a Vicar Needs To Hear…often.

Peter Harrison writes for ABC Religion and Ethics about Setting the record straight: Christianity and the rise of modern science.

Anthony Woollard writes for Modern Church about The wrath of God.

Christopher Howse of The Telegraph has been to Ely Cathedral: Eight oak trees suspended in air.

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Peter Harrison’s article is sloppy at best. He completely whitewashes the tension between religion and the Enlightenment and almost claims that Science could only have arisen under Christianity, which I’m sure would surprise a lot of islamic scholars. He’s basically using history to attack the like of Dawkins but he is just as partisan as Dawkins is but from the other direction. No one doubts that culture influences science to some degree but claim that because Christianity developed natural law theory and science is based on natural law (which is not the same thing as Christian natural law theory ala… Read more »