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more media coverage of the attack on Christians in Peshawar

Updated Tuesday evening

BBC has Pakistan blasts: Burials amid anger after Peshawar church attack and Pakistanis react with ‘shock and anger’ at latest attack and also Who are Pakistan’s Christians?

Guardian Pakistani Christians mourn 85 killed in suicide bombings at Peshawar church and Peshawar church bombings show the deadly outcome of religious intolerance

Telegraph Peshawar church attack: Nawaz Sharif warns that Taliban talks could be scrapped

Independent Pakistan church blast: Christians in angry protest against attacks which killed 85 in Peshawar

Karachi News Muavia-led Punjabi Taliban behind church bombing and World leaders condemn Peshawar church attack and also Global prejudice against Christians


Church Times Death toll rises after attack on Pakistan church

On Monday, the Bishop of Pontefract, the Rt Revd Tony Robinson, who chairs the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Pakistan Focus Group, said: “I think this is the worst case that we have had of an attack on a church, although for many years now this has been part of a pattern of attacks on Christians, both at worship and in their homes. We hope that the Pakistani government will try to protect Christians in that country, who are trying to live peaceful lives in that context.”

He said that it was “very difficult for the government in Pakistan to protect every church”; but the rise of terror groups “may mean they need to be more proactive than they have been”.

Anglican Communion Office Secretary General to Anglican Communion: “Please pray for Pakistan”

The Secretary General of the Anglican Communion has asked for Communion-wide prayer following the suicide attack on a church in Pakistan that left than 78 dead and more than 100 injured.

In a letter to the Anglican Communion’s Primates—its most senior bishops—Canon Kenneth Kearon wrote, “Messages of condolences have been coming in from around the Communion, and I write to ask you to consider requesting your parishes and dioceses to remember in prayer those who died or were bereaved and those who were injured or live in fear because of the tragedy…”

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David Shepherd
10 years ago

I hope I’m one of many to comment on this appalling tragedy. The spectre of global Islamic jihad looms large, both at home and abroad.

Whether this is published or not, it is a stern reminder that some are still called to sacrifice even existence in this life for the eternal hope of the next.

May they rest in peace and divine assurance.

Robert ian Williams
Robert ian Williams
10 years ago

All Christians in Pakistan should be offered asylum in the population shrinking west.

The USA wories about Iran. This is the country they should worry about.

Erika Baker
Erika Baker
10 years ago

“All Christians in Pakistan should be offered asylum in the population shrinking west.”

I expect they would get it if they applied. But why should they and persecuted people (not just Christians!) in other countries want to leave their home countries and move to completely different cultures, especially one like Britain that has just sent vans around London telling foreigners to go home and where anti immigration policies are becoming more and more popular?

It would be good for everyone if we did more to help other countries to be safe and economically viable for their own population.

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