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Mathew Guest writes about University and the Christian faith: revisiting the relationship. A version of this article appeared in the Church Times on 13 September where it is only available to subscribers.
There is also this article about work by Dr Guest and his colleagues: Church faces “difficult decision” to engage liberal Christian students.

John L Allen Jr writes in The Spectator about The war on Christians.

Vicky Beeching interviews Kate Cooper and asks her Have women been airbrushed out of Church history?

Milton Jones asks is Christianity weird? in a video for the Guardian.

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Rev'd Laurence Roberts
Rev'd Laurence Roberts
10 years ago

I find Milton Jones’ view of Christianity rather complacent. Or do I just mean I don’t share his optimism about it ?

And yes, I did (Spoiler Alert !) get the joke of the twist from how it seemed to start off.

Steven Carr
Steven Carr
10 years ago

Milton should check the latest memo in his email.

It is now considered cool to stress ‘Judeo-Christian’ values, rather than just bang on about how great Christians are.

Inclusivity, don’t you know?

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