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Pierre Whalon writes for Anglicans Online about Finding Faith?

Andrew Brown writes in The Guardian: The Church of England: a church that’s sick of itself. “If the CofE is doomed, as former archbishop of Canterbury George Carey insists, it’s down to the damage he did in office.”

Ed West writes in The Spectator The CofE doomed? Only because it’s surrendered to phony soullessness.

The Guardian published these Church congregations – readers’ pictures.

Benny Hazlehurst blogged on Law and Order.

Janet Henderson writes about Urban Ministry; Not the End of an Era.

Church Times leader: Not so privileged

Jon Kuhrt blogs Women Bishops? I think the jury is still out on male bishops…

Giles Fraser asks in The Guardian Why does Doctor Who escape modern scepticism in a way the Bible doesn’t?

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Mark Bennet
Mark Bennet
10 years ago

I thought the serial “we’re doomed” narrative belonged to Private Frazer of Dad’s Army – it didn’t sound like the Gospel then, and it doesn’t sound like the Gospel now – as a comic device, that was the point of it.

10 years ago

Re Giles Fraser’s article: I’ll look forward to seeing Gravity (but not on a Sunday morning) when it reaches a cinema near me.

Rod Gillis
Rod Gillis
10 years ago

Thanks for the Jon Kuhrt item. Kuhrt has a number of things right, including the conclusion. However,the long overdue inclusion of women in the ministry of episcope will not be enough, in and of itself, to remedy the situation. If wardrobe is an indicator, women bishops in North America, for example, have the same haberdasher as the boys. The problems of impotence, powerlessness, and pomposity are grounded in Anglicanism’s chronic and congenital clericalism–something in which many of us, clergy and laity alike, are complicit, or “enabler”s to use the quasi-therapeutic lingo of the times.

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