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Alice Roberts writes in The Observer to explain Why I won’t be going back to Bristol’s creationist zoo.

Charles Moore writes in The Telegraph about a visit to a theological college: What the Tories could learn from St Mellitus.

Janet Henderson blogs about Woodhead on Feminism and Christianity.

Giles Fraser asks in The Guardian Why mislead children about Santa? Demystification is essential to faith.

And finally, is this how it happened all those years ago? Registering the Birth

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Susannah Clark
10 years ago

One of my problems with a literal reading of the Adam and Eve story is that death was allegedly introduced into the world after Adam and Eve’s first sin. That being the case, prior to humanity, there should be no fossil evidence of other creatures dying, because in a perfect world ‘before the Fall’ nothing died. This makes the millions of years of fossils prior to the emergence (or creation) of humans very hard to explain. Furthermore, it implies that extinct species (like the dinosaurs) were still around at the time of humans, because if death doesn’t happen, neither does… Read more »

peterpi - Peter Gross
peterpi - Peter Gross
10 years ago

Ms. Clark, certain creationists do indeed insist there are no fossils before the Fall, that dinosaurs and other extinct species were made extinct by Noah’s Flood. They insist God indeed caused the Sun to stand still so that Joshua & Co, could have good light during a battle — which if the creationists thought about it, would logically mean a geocentric Universe. I have seen creationists state that the Bible’s use of the “four corners of the world” is not metaphor, but points to four magnetic planes high above the atmosphere allegedly proved by astronomers. Never mind that the biblical… Read more »

10 years ago

Registering the birth – forms can be so tedious.

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