Thinking Anglicans

Opinion for the solstice

Christopher Howse writes in The Telegraph that there is Nothing pagan in today’s sunshine.

Lizzie Lowrie writes Waiting for What?

Giles Fraser writes in The Guardian that The Bethlehem story takes us deeper into what it means to be human.

The Archbishop of Canterbury preached this sermon at the Metropolitan Police Carol Service earlier this week.

Dom Joly, writing in The Independent, discovers that Church holds no horror for me now.

Gerald Butt of the Church Times has interviewed the Archbishop of Canterbury about Western inactivity in the face of regional conflict: Shepherd watches his flocks in Middle East.

Andreas Whittam Smith writes in The Independent that The Anglican and Catholic Churches have finally realised they must change to survive. But is it too late?

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10 years ago

Perceptive article by Andreas Whittam Smith. I was interested to see, alongside the article, a picture of the Anglican Church noticeboard (Gosford, New South Wales) reading “The Church You Go To When You Don’t Go To Church.” Something to aim for?

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