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The Quotidian Cleric publishes The Perfect Job Advert.

Jonathan Clatworthy writes for Modern Church about Two directions for liberal theology.

Oliver Burkeman writes in The Guardian about The one theology book all atheists really should read.

Phil Groves writes for the Anglican Communion News Service: What should we do when Christians disagree?

Jonathan Clatworthy of Modern Church writes Why Christians shouldn’t believe in the devil.
[This refers to an article by Gavin Ashenden in the Church Times which subscribers can read here.]

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Susannah Clark
9 years ago

With regard to Jonathan’s article, I think that the experience of contemplation and the apophatic way opens interesting pathways. One can hold liberal views of ‘how the Bible is true’ – and see it as a contextual expression of encounter and search for meaning – yet at the same time gaze in love and faith towards the unseen. In other words, ‘not knowing’ may be a legitimate process, even for ‘liberal apologists’. There can be a platform of words and debate and explanation. But there can also be a platform of surrender, gaze, and the cloud of unknowing. It’s possible… Read more »

Dave Marshall
9 years ago

Jonathan Clatworthy’s “Two directions for liberal theology” article confuses what he calls religious belief with theology. He seems to be saying that any “liberal” who does not “believe in God” in his terms is an atheist, without ever explaining what he means by “God” (or “believe in”). Of course he’s not alone in that. But this confusion and his influence on Modern Church is driving the organisation into the ground. My experience over five years as membership administrator and website manager was that members were looking for opportunities to express and value the diversity of their theological perspectives as an… Read more »

Father David
Father David
9 years ago

Heavens above the Girl Guides want to get rid of God and now the Church of England wants to get rid of the Devil.

peterpi - Peter Gross
peterpi - Peter Gross
9 years ago

Some really excellent essays this week. I found Mr. Burkeman’s article to be spot on. I think some atheists may feel there is an underlying order to the Universe, but rebel against “God as Superman/Santa Claus”. But I’ve met way too many theist believers who actually believe in God that way, so it is false to dismiss atheists’ arguments along that line. The real problem, I believe, is that all too often, theists and atheists talk past each other. A certain smugness exists among theists that only we are right, and atheists can be dismissed as being silly children, or… Read more »

9 years ago

The Quotidian Cleric is rightly interested in the perfect job advert. I wonder if the manse has central heating?

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