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Ian Paul Vicars are a bunch of self-interested, southern softies
Joanna Moorhead The Guardian Vicars needed: the Church of England’s fight to fill its vacancies in the north

George Arnett The Guardian How much of the Church of England clergy is female?

Kate Cooper The Guardian Female bishops: be wary of crude interpretations of biblical Christianity

Peter Stanford of The Telegraph has been talking to the Revd Rose Hudson-Wilkin: Will Rose Hudson-Wilkin be the first woman bishop?

Jemima Thackray The Telegraph We Christians must face it: the Bible is hugely misogynistic

Rachel Held Evans If men got the Titus 2 Treatment…

David Simmons Preaching from the Rood Screen – Or How I Learned To Stop Snarking and Love the Screen

Part three of the Church Times series on the health of the Church of England includes these three articles available to non-subscribers:
Linda Woodhead Measuring the Church’s social footprint
Dennis Richards A golden age for church schools?
Malcolm Brown Living in an old country

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Father David
Father David
10 years ago

Will Rose Hudson-Wilkin be the first female bishop? Who knows but if she is: will she increase the number of Black bishops in the Church of England by 100%? Apart from His Grace, the Archbishop of York I can currently think of no others. In past years Croydon, Rochester, Stepney and Birmingham have been ministered to by Black or Asian bishops but I’d be hard pressed to think of any others within the Established Church.

10 years ago

Ah, thank you Rachel Held Evans – the Titus 2 treatment for men! I should share this with a female Senior Minister in our church….oops, no female Senior Ministers in our church.

Fr Paul
Fr Paul
10 years ago

I love the picture of Graeme Buttery – my wife has the same dressing gown as the lady in the background!

No irony at all in reporting the difficulty in filling Fr North’s former parish – why didn’t they tell us where he had moved to? Maybe the heading should have been ‘North heads South’.

A quick glance at the Church Times jobs and there are actually very few jobs listed in the North for the last several weeks…..

Father David
Father David
10 years ago

Indeed Fr. Paul “North heads South” would make a good headline but when Fr. Philip North was offered the Northern suffragan see of Whitby such was the reaction of certain people in North Yorkshire that he decided to decline the call to episcopacy, even after the announcement of his appointment was made and he was photographed with Archbishop Sentamu. Consequently the people of the Whitby in the Archiepiscopal diocese of York lost out on the opportunity to have a first rate suffragan bishop. Several months down the line we still await an announcement as to the identity of the next… Read more »

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