Thinking Anglicans


Kevin Hart at ABC Religion & Ethics asks Who, then, shall be saved? The Lord’s Prayer and religious pluralism.

Maggi Dawn blogs 40 ways: keeping a joyful, thankful, holy Lent and Church and Theological Jargon

Miranda Threlfall-Holmes The Guardian George Herbert: the man who converted me from atheism

Sally Newall The Independent A new generation of vicars: More and more young people are choosing a life of wing tips and clerical collars
[Wing tips appear to be a type of brogue.]

Richard Beck at his Experimental Theology blog Search Term Friday: Jesus Crucified Over Adam’s Grave

Steve Cornforth blogs So am I a Christian or not?

Giles Fraser The Guardian Yes, the church is bloody angry about these attacks on the poor, and rightly so

Vicky Beeching Church Times Christian feminism is not an oxymoron

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