Thinking Anglicans


Linda Woodhead The crisis of religious authority

Ian Paul State of the Church: sociology or theology?

George Athas ABC Religion & Ethics Did the camel break the Bible’s back? Nice try, but no

Frank Cranmer Law & Religion UK George Herbert on clergy and the law
In part 2 of her series in The Guardian on George Herbert, Miranda Threlfall-Holmes asks How can we measure the immeasurable?

The final part of the Church Times Church Health Check looks to the future. Three of the articles are available to non-subscribers.
Linda Woodhead A remedy for an ailing Church
David Goodhew and Bob Jackson Can we grow? Yes we can
Martyn Percy It’s not just about the numbers

Rachel Mann Church Times Distracted by instant messages

Giles Fraser The Guardian If religion exists to make raids into what is unsayable, musicians penetrate further than most

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Edward Prebble
Edward Prebble
10 years ago

Martyn Percy as usual speaks extraordinarily good sense.
It is interesting that: “For the first time since the Reformation, we [i.e. the C of E] now have no bishops who have held a university post in theology”. I hope it will not be too long before Percy himself can correct that imbalance.

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