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Rachel Held Evans blogs on Patriarchy and Abusive Churches.

Peter Stanford in The Independent offers Ten more commandments: How to save the Anglican church.

Malcolm French blogs that The Anglican Communion Hasn’t Failed.

Tom Brazier blogs that There are no rules.

Christopher Whitmey writes about Managing Diocesan Finances.

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Rod Gillis
Rod Gillis
9 years ago

I appreciate what Malcolm French, The Anglican communion Hasn’t Failed, is trying to say, but I think it is Giles Fraser, quoted by French, “the fiction that is the Anglican Communion”, who is the more accurate. The now romantic notion of The Communion as autonomous provinces in communion with one another,an assertion supported with a reference to the 39 Articles of all things, is contested by current events in international Anglicanism. It is naive to think that The Communion, as it was assumed to be say around the time of the Anglican Congress, still exists. The Anglican Communion as we… Read more »

Martin Reynolds
Martin Reynolds
9 years ago

Malcolm French writes with a genuine warmth and obvious love for the Communion, his hopes are tender and praiseworthy but his analysis is mistaken, and it deeply saddens me to say so. There can be no doubt now that the Global South will go their own way. No, they have already left. They only remain in touch to secure as great an advantage as they can. No doubt either that they are not planning a clean break. We can be absolutely confident that they plan to cause as much trouble within other provinces as they possibly can. So, I don’t… Read more »

Father Ron Smith
9 years ago

I think Fr. Malcom French has the right idea, in that he wants the Communion to survive the present stand-off by GAFCON and the Global South Primates. I really think that’s what most of us liberals would really like. However, the belligerence of the Sola-Scriptura Provincial Primates – because of the much-vaunted numbers game – will possibly seek to high-jack the Anglican provenance, under the highly questionable theory of claiming to represent ‘Orthodox Anglicanism’ as if there is an agreed-to confessional Magisterium within the Via Media of Anglicanism. What the more moderate Provinces need to do, is just wait for… Read more »

Randal Oulton
Randal Oulton
9 years ago

Amusing interview with Nigerian primate: (a) makes the gay thing a black vs white people thing: “You just commended President Jonathan for signing the anti-gay law, but the developed world was against that, and the criticism has been very strong against Nigeria. What is the Church doing in Nigeria to convince the world that Jonathan was right? >> It is not the President that started this. It is the Church. The President is only being democratic in the sense that he is listening to the people who put him in power. What baffles me is the attitude of the… Read more »

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