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Archdruid Eileen offers us Do not Feed the Organist and other useful signs.

Gillan Scott of God & Politics in the UK asks Where will we be in 2024? – Setting out a vision for the future of the Church.

Ben Martin blogs about Experiencing a Bishops Advisory Panel Rejection.

Tony Morgan blogs Stop Doing that Event!: 10 Signs that It’s Time to Eliminate an All-Church Event.

Christopher Howse writes in his Sacred Mysteries column in The Telegraph: Bach and the icon of Jesus’s face.

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10 years ago

Archdruid Eileen’s useful signs have set me thinking. What to do about a huntsman spider appearing at random, though usually after rain?

Father Ron Smith
10 years ago

One can resonate with Ben Martin’s disappointment at being given the No Go response to his quest.
What might be helpful to readers, who may have the same quest for recognition of their call to ministry in the Church, would be some idea at to what, specifically, occasioned Ben’s rejection.

Ben Martin
Ben Martin
Reply to  Father Ron Smith
3 years ago

Fr Smith, 6 years better late than never… The letter wrote of an immature faith, but when pressed by our Bishop on what this meant, the panel were unable to elaborate. There was also a concern that I hadn’t settled anywhere for a prolonged period of time, thereby not demonstrating commitment, an odd comment considering I had spent time in two educational establishments (completing both courses, one in music and the other applied theology), had just begun work establishing a Foodbank and was 23 years old at the time. Also odd considering a number of friends since have been selected… Read more »

Last edited 3 years ago by Ben Martin
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