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Archbishop Herft talks about Multiculturalism

The Archbishop of Perth, the Most Reverend Roger Herft is preaching at Southwark Cathedral on Saturday 13 September at the Anglican Catholic Future national festival Life Abundant.

Here is a talk he gave in July to the Diocese of Melbourne ministry conference, entitled Chutney and Chow mein – making disciples in a multicultural Australia. There is much food for thought here for Anglicans in other countries, including the Church of England.

(Other materials from that conference can be found here.)

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George Waite
George Waite
9 years ago

I read it; it’s pretty much multiculti boilerplate.
Nothing that hasn’t been said a thousand times before and put millions to sleep.

9 years ago

The Chutney and Chow Mein talk reveals that in a multicultural Australia the Anglican Church does have a monochrome identity. Inclusion is so important – for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, for refugees, for women, for all those on the margins. It’s great that an Aussie voice will be heard in Southwark Cathedral.

Father Ron Smith
9 years ago

George Waite’s comment seems sadly deficient in charity – towards a Bishop in the Australian Church who has first-hand experience of being part of a multi-cultural situation well befits his qualification to speak on this subject in Australia. no doubt, his address – to the Anglo-Catholic Conference at Southwark Cathedral on Saturday – will give a much-needed perspective on multi-Faith issues which concerns many religious thinkers in the newly-emerging situation of ISIS, which has brought a new and threatening experience of sectarian religious fundamentalism into our troubled world. Multi-cultural understanding is an absolute necessity in the world of competing religious… Read more »

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