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Online General Synod papers

The papers for next month’s meeting of General Synod on 17 and 18 November are now all online here in agenda order. Here is a list in numerical order, with a note of the day scheduled for their consideration.

GS 1919B – Draft Care of Churches and Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction (Amendment) Measure [Monday]
GS 1919Z – Report of the Steering Committee

GS 1921B – Draft Ecclesiastical Property Measure [Monday]
GS 1921Z – Report of the Steering Committee

GS 1926D – Amending Canon No.33 [Monday]

GS 1935A – Draft Naming of Dioceses Measure [Monday]
GS 1935Y – Report of the Revision Committee

GS 1964A – Draft Amending Canon No.35 [Monday]
[see notice paper 2]

GS 1965A and GS 1965B – Diocesan Synod Motion on spare room subsidy [Tuesday]

GS 1966 – Agenda

GS 1967 – Report by the Business Committee [Monday]

GS 1968 – Draft Scheme amending the Diocese in Europe Constitution 1995 [Monday]
GS 1968x – Explanatory Memorandum

GS 1969 – Draft Diocesan Stipends Funds (Amendment) Measure [Monday]
GS 1969x – Explanatory Memorandum

GS 1970 – Guidelines for the Professional Conduct of the Clergy (draft edition) [Monday]

GS 1971 – The Anglican-Methodist Covenant: Report from the Council for Christian Unity [Tuesday]

GS 1972A and GS 1972B – Private Member’s Motion on Canon B 38 [contingency business]

Other Papers

GS Misc 1085 – Guidelines for the professional conduct of the clergy (The Ministry of Absolution)

GS Misc 1086 – A background note on Violence against Religious Minorities in Iraq and Syria [Tuesday]

GS Misc 1088 – Representative of Pentecostal Churches of the General Synod

GS Misc 1089 – The Porvoo Declaration – New signatories

GS Misc 1090 – Women in the Episcopate – appointment of Independent Reviewer

GS Misc 1091 – Report on the Archbishops’ Council’s activities

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John U.K.
John U.K.
9 years ago

The link GS 1921Z
lead to GS1919Z

Anthony Archer
Anthony Archer
9 years ago

Really excellent that Sir Philip Mawer is to be the first Independent Reviewer under the regulations supporting the House of Bishops’ Declaration re women in the episcopate. God help any diocesan bishop, male or female, playing fast and loose with any parish!

Peter Owen
9 years ago

John U.K. – The error is in the link on the CofE webpage; I’ll let the folk at Church House know. Meanwhile, if you are in a hurry to read GS1921Z it is included in the zip file containing all the synod papers.

Peter Owen
9 years ago

The link to GS 1921Z has now been corrected above and on the CofE website.

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