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Ian Ellis of the Church of Ireland Gazette has interviewed Rowan Williams. You can listen to the interview here. Topics include Christian Aid and the European Union; there’s a list of contents with timings below the fold.

Kelvin Holdsworth blogs about The Peace and Unity and Order of the Church.

Rachel Mann blogs on Headship and Holiness: ‘It’s a Trap!’ or ‘Why the Bishop of Maidstone might be particularly bad news for Conservative Evangelicals’

Contents of the Rowan Williams interview

00:00-01:08 General comments on Christian Aid
01:08-03:02 Tackling the roots of poverty
03:02-04:24 Charity work and political involvement
04:24-06:48 The Anglican Alliance (Aid & Development)
06:48-09:27 Response to Pope Francis’ 25th November speech at the EU Parliament
09:27-11:17 Human Rights and the religious perspective
11:17-12:38 Vision for UK in relation to the European Union
12:38-14:46 Momentum in the UK for withdrawal from the EU
14:46-15:56 Christian Aid in Britain and Ireland

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Lorenzo Fernandez-Vicente
Lorenzo Fernandez-Vicente
9 years ago

I’m with Rachel, the media will now have a go-to person whenever they want the church to look ridiculous or out of step

Rod Gillis
Rod Gillis
9 years ago

Thanks for the article by Kelvin Holdsworth. I’m not up to speed on all the local details, but even so, the general thrust of his opinion is engaging. I was interested in one comment he makes toward the end:

“I personally never renew my ordination vows at the annual chrism mass where such things are done.”

I stopped attending the Chrism/Renewal of Vows about a decade before I retired. For one thing, while ostensibly about collegiality, I came to the conclusion that the subtext is, renewing one’s oath of loyalty to one episcopal overlord.

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