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Giles Fraser The Guardian The Christmas story is all about God divesting Himself of power

Aaron James Premier Better toilets will save the church, says TV newsreader

Hannah Martin The Guardian One female bishop is not enough – the church must behave more like Jesus

Bible Society Survey reveals people confuse Bible Nativity with traditional misconceptions. You can take the quiz there yourself.

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Bob McCloskey
Bob McCloskey

Thanks to Giles for all of his journalism. I live in the adjoining county to Franklin Graham’s mighty kingdom. Thanks for exposing what many of us have known for years. He has actually conscripted public school children in his county to fill the boxes. He will stoop beyond any bounds to unleash his vitriolic beliefs.


Thanks to Giles Fraser for this article and many others through this year. The triune God shows the way to a community founded on weakness, not power. For those who are most vulnerable this should be a great comfort. Instead, people are staying away from the church. Hierarchies, pomp, ceremony and the exclusion of people because of race, gender or sexuality should have no place in the church of the vulnerable God. We (Christians) can all do a lot better.