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John Pavlovitz 6 Reasons Stone-Throwing Christians May Need To Retire “Go And Sin No More”

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Father Ron Smith

John Pavlovits is a pastor after my own heart – one who sees Jesus as Shepherd rather than Judge – in His advice to the woman ‘caught in adultery’.

It may well be that his warning: “Go, and sin no more” would have been advice that her further indulgence in this collusion with adulterous men would only end up in further death-threats from the moral establishment – her self-appointed tribunal.

Jesus was concerned for her safety and well-being – rather than threatening her with Hell-fire!


The one telling the “caught in adultery” woman to sin no more was JESUS, not some other human (hypocritical) sinner. If we don’t have Jesus’s omniscience—not to mention his all-loving heart!—we shouldn’t put ourselves in a position of here’s-looking-down-at-you moral superiority. “Go and Sin No More”? Only if said into a MIRROR!