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At Liverpool John Moores University on Monday, Archbishop Justin Welby delivered a Roscoe Lecture entitled ‘The Abolition of the Global – Learning to Live in the World in One City’. The text of the lecture and a video are here, and there is an audio recording here.

Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool, preached this sermon when the Open Table LGBTIQ Christian community celebrated its seventh anniversary at St Bride’s Church.


  • John says:

    I want to comment on Paul Bayes. I thought this was pretty good. There was an intensity and a sincerity. Hopeless academic as I am, I think the theology of ‘God created you as you are’ is untenable. Nonetheless, it is vastly better than ‘you are deviants’/’homosexuality is a product of “the Fall” ‘. It is also vastly better than at least the public utterances of most bishops (though I was very glad to see the approbation of the bishop of Stepney by both Susannah and Father David, who consistently acknowledges quality when he encounters it). One might have thought that the rest of the bishops would have made at least some intelligent accommodation with realities, because when the official line loses (as it most assuredly will), it will lose big time and its proponents will be greatly discredited.

  • What a wonderful sermon from Bishop Paul Bayes, to the LGBTIQ people present at the Open Table Conference in Saint Hilda’s Church, Liverpool.

    This reflects the essence of the ‘Alter Christus’ that all Christians are meant to become in their life-time. Humility and Grace are words which I will apply to Bishop Paul’s message. His call for LGBTIQ people to enact the hospitality of Jesus to the world in which we live and move and have our being – despite the fact that they may be rebuffed by those in the Church and the world who might consider them unworthy to preach the Gospel.

    Would that more bishops in the Church could preach such a loving Gospel on Inclusion!

  • Fr John E. Harris-White says:

    Bishop Paul Bayes is indeed God’s gift to his church. This is not just a one off sermon, you should read his Chrism Mass sermon.

    Thank God for folk like Bishop Paul.

  • robert ian williams says:

    I am afraid that liverpool as a stoutly Protestant and evangelical diocese never recovered from the ministry of David Shepherd.

  • Anthony Archer says:

    “I am afraid that liverpool [sic] as a stoutly Protestant and evangelical diocese never recovered from the ministry of David Shepherd [sic]”.

    Looks a somewhat snide comment on the excellent episcopal ministry of Bishop James Jones. Perhaps Liverpool with an upper case L and Bishop Sheppard spelt correctly might be more authoritative (not).

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