Thinking Anglicans


Margaret Duggan looks back on her time reporting on life in the parishes for Church Times The salt and the sweetness

Maggi Dawn “There are no women on my theology bookshelf…”

Christopher Howse The Telegraph Clothes designed for the kingdom of heaven

Patrick Strudwick has been talking to Vicky Beeching for Buzzfeed This Is What It’s Like Being A Gay Christian Rock Star

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Susannah Clark
6 years ago

Fabulous list from Maggi Dawn – many thanks.

Elizabeth Johnson self-identifies as feminist and I think should be added to the feminist section, as her work is in some ways axiomatic.

Jeremy Pemberton
Jeremy Pemberton
6 years ago

I love Maggi’s blog! It my be that I have missed her somewhere, but I can’t see Elizabeth Cady Stanton. I don’t think she would have naturally thought of herself as a theologian, but the Woman’s Bible of 1902 is a most important work!

christopher wheeler
christopher wheeler
6 years ago

Dorothee Soelle – one of the great C20 theologians period.

Father Ron Smith
6 years ago

Is it at all possible that one reason for the dearth of theological publications by women authors are not regarded as eminently saleable by the mainly male-dominated publishing houses?

After all, in their day – when the written word was not as accessible as it is today – women theologians were among the most credible articulators of spiritual experience. Hilda, Dame Julian, come readily to mind.

Is there such a thing as sexism in the arena of Christian publication?

6 years ago

Why, Father Ron, would Christian publication (of all places) be spared the sexism of EVERYWHERE else? O_o

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