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8 years ago

No comments on the ecclesiastical implications of that “bright dawn of socialism”? (The current one, not Chesterton’s.) Mr. Corbyn has twice signed early day motions calling for the disestablishment of the Church of England. Those of us who support the establishment (I think regulars on TA are split roughly 50:50) might do well to start thinking now about how we might persuade him to change his mind – he’ll be much easier to reach as a new Leader of the Opposition than he will be if and when he becomes Prime Minister.

Father David
Father David
8 years ago

No comments on the bright new dawn of socialism and the rise of Comrade Corbyn but plenty of comment in the media about Jeremy’s non-participation in the singing of the National Anthem yesterday in St. Paul’s cathedral. Instead of play acting by joining in he chose to stand in “Respectful Silence”. However, I did notice that following his astonishing victory he did participate in a hearty rendition of The Red Flag. Conrad Noël, sometimes Vicar of Thaxted would have been proud.

8 years ago

That’s an oddity in itself… the papers are linking his non-chantry to his alleged republicanism, but actually, given the barb at the end of the third verse, the national anthem is probably more offensive to a divine-right-of-kings enthusiast than it is to a republican. But I think, the presence of the national anthem in _Hymns ancient and modern_ notwithstanding, we’re straying somewhat off-topic for this forum.

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