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Opinion – 21 January 2017

Kelvin Holdsworth marked Winnie the Pooh day with Prayer for the Day – Script 2.

Lynn Wray National Museums Liverpool LGBT artwork marks Saint Sebastian Feast day

Justin Welby Archbishop of Canterbury ‘It defies description’: Archbishop Justin on visiting Auschwitz

David Ison ViaMedia.News An Old Dirty Candle to Transform the Darkness…

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7 years ago

Between where I live and my daughter’s house in Canberra are a range of mountains: the Great Dividing Range (NSW Australia). On a particularly challenging corner, sits Pooh Corner, where there are toy bears and a little cave. I know I’m about halfway there when I reach Pooh Corner. Thanks Kelvin Holdsworth.

7 years ago

Kelvin is best at pieces like the Pooh Corner one. Nice.

Wm (Bill) Paul III
Wm (Bill) Paul III
7 years ago

Might help if you let us know the collect under scrutiny. No question that we have had a sorry history with Jews in significant respects. But I don’t know that “Antisemitism is alive and well …in the church.” It doesn’t seem that way to me. And a ruthlessly interrogative theologian like Donald MacKinnon thought the New Testament, or John’s gospel anyhow, could be exonerated from the charge of anti-Semitism (and I happen to agree) though the use, or misuse of it, could be acknowledged.” Good to remember that the early Christian were the little guys on the block and booted… Read more »

David Rowett
7 years ago

(Following Bill Pall III) And by extension many OT texts have a similar history of misuse as the oppressed minority produce texts which are wheeled out as binding and authoritative when that group’s descendants have become the empowered majority. It’s why the hurling of proof-texts is so damnably dangerous. Anti-semitism is indeed alive and well, though I don’t think the Church is too grubby-handed – but it’s surely historically incoherent to say that passages in (say) John were written as anti-semitic: better, is it not, to say that anti-semitism can quarry scripture and find things there which it can turn… Read more »

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