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Opinion – 26 April 2017

An interview by Pray Tell Blog with Fr Michael White and Evan Ponton, both of the Church of the Nativity in Timonium, Md, USA Liturgy as Evangelization

Richard Peers Quodcumque Messy is the Mass: my experience of Messy Church

Richard Peers Quodcumque Meeting the risen Jesus at the National Gallery: Michelangelo and Sebastiano

Bosco Peters Liturgy Even Pagans are Losing Their Religion

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Michael Mulhern
Michael Mulhern
7 years ago

“Evangelization means making disciples” say White and Ponton. Really? I am not sure that this is what the Roman Catholic Church means by ‘evangelization’ (in contrast to the more Protestant ‘evangelism’). Surely, it is a much broader idea, which involves cultural, political and social engagement: not simply a focus on the individual. Especially when discussing the liturgy, their thesis (and their method) seems to resemble the growing neurosis of the Church of England, where everything has to be justified on the basis of how many extra bums are on seats; or how many more people are handing out hymn-sheets and… Read more »

7 years ago

Thanks to Richard Peers for his commentary on the Michelangelo and Sebastiano exhibition at the National Gallery. Sounds superbamundo. A friend of mine is visiting London during May and part of June and I am hoping she will visit the National Gallery and tell me about the exhibition too.

Father Ron Smith
7 years ago

Talk about ‘Messy Church’ reminds me of the state of our beloved Anglican Communion at the moment. Can’t wait for the GAFCON proclamation!

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