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Opinion – 27 May 2017

Michael Curry Thy Kingdom Come (video)
[released to mark the start of the Thy Kingdom Come global wave of prayer]

Archdruid Eileen Beaker Folk of Husborne Crawley Failed Church Advertising Slogans

Charles Clapham pneuma When leadership fails: Holman Hunt and ‘The Hireling Shepherd’

John Turner Patheos John Donne, Redone

Rhonda Waters Anglican Journal Let’s ask the hard questions

Charlotte Bannister-Parker ViaMedia.News Walking Beside Our Neighbour

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Susannah Clark
7 years ago

That Holman Hunt picture has always been one of my favourites: not for the moralism, but simply because it’s a gorgeous painting. I love the sensuality, and how vivid and natural it is. I suppose the article is supposed to make us question the social and church leadership of today. Maybe, though, it is not just leadership at fault. Maybe stagnant culture extends deeper than just always blaming the leaders, because each one of us as Christians or whatever our beliefs live adjacent to poverty, abandonment, sickness, youth hopelessness etc. And also, I believe many of our bishops are good… Read more »

6 years ago

Archdruid Eileen’s failed church advertising slogans raised a bittersweet smile 🙂 And here’s Rowan Williams’ concept of hell (the best I’ve read): “My concept of hell, I suppose, is being stuck with myself for ever and with no way out. Whether anybody ever gets to that point I have no idea. But that it’s possible to be stuck with my selfish little ego for all eternity, that’s what I would regard as hell.”

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