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Opinion – 7 June 2017

George Clifford The Episcopal Café For such a time as this… an electronic prayer book?
[not currently available as site is being rebuilt]

Jake Owensby Looking for God in Messy Places People Like Us

Archdruid Eileen The Beaker Folk of Husborne Crawley
First Find Your Church
Knowing When to Turn Up
Actually Turning up at Church
The Welcomers

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love It was 50 years ago today … buildings and spirituality for introverts
[Colin refers to this article by Joe Moran in The Guardian: From Sgt Pepper to the sublime: in praise of Liverpool’s Metropolitan Cathedral at 50.]

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peter kettle
peter kettle
7 years ago

Colin Coward prefers ‘to be anonymous when visiting places of worship and squirm when engaged by a steward with a penchant for warmly greeting every person who walks through the door’.

So do I; but what his article doesn’t refer to is the other barrier – admission charges. I think all the other public spaces he refers to are free of charge.

I heard one cathedral canon (where admission charges are not levied) say ‘When churches charge for admission they give up the right to offer sanctuary.’ I think that is profoundly true and deeply sad.

David Allen
David Allen
7 years ago

No one will have access to the Episcopal Cafe article, that website is down for the whole week until Monday 12 JUN when it will be reborn with a new design.

Anne Lee
Anne Lee
7 years ago

Peter, the Episcopal Cafe website says that a new site will be up and running on 12th June, but meanwhile there doesn’t seem any way to find the article you have flagged up.

Peter Owen
7 years ago

Sorry about The Episcopal Café article; it was available at the weekend when I started to prepare my article. The whole site is down this week so it is not currently available. I’ll check on 12 June and link to it again in a later article.

I hope the counter on The Episcopal Café site is wrong; it currently says 440 days to go!

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