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Opinion – 23 August 2017

Kelvin Holdsworth Thurible To be an Episcopalian is not to be respectable

Zac Koons The Living Church Priests are not paid to do anything

Ben Witherington patheos St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Jonathan Swift
Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

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3 years ago

Unfortunately, the first photo on Ben Witherington’s piece is Christ Church Cathedral, up Patrick Street – to the north of St Patrick’s, and more commonly used by the archbishops after St Patrick’s became the ‘national cathedral’ in 1870 (for a long time the deans of Christ Church were bishops of Kildare, who had no cathedral of their own). The ‘knight’s helmets’ are those of the knights of St Patrick prior to 1871 (when the choir ceased to be the chapel of the order, and investitures were transferred to St Patrick’s Hall in Dublin Castle). The ‘royal box’ is the viceregal… Read more »

Rod Gillis
Rod Gillis
3 years ago

Zac Koon is thought provoking. When I first began as a young priest, a mentor observed, the work priests do is too valuable to be paid for, hence the notion of a stipend. There is an insight there, but I reject the premise. Being a priest employed in the modern parochial system with the training, skill set, and responsibilities thereunto, requires a decent income–whatever one calls it. Before my retirement several of us attempted to form a union; but most of my fellow priests screamed and ran. They were indignant, the poor pious babies. Interestingly, the non-stipendiary clergy in our… Read more »

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