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Opinion – 30 August 2017

Dan Ennis The Episcopal Café An Open Letter to UK Anglicans — in response to the news of ACNA’s consecration of a bishop for missionary work in the United Kingdom and Europe

Eve Poole Koomi of Smale

Tim Stratford One way of looking at things… Churches – what are they for?

St Chrysostom’s Church News and Views Bishop’s head dress – a contribution to a debate

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Susannah Clark
6 years ago

“…and even radically inclusive”

Ouch – spiky phrase to end with. I mean, Dan *does* realise that is the promised land that Justin has offered LGBT people?

Of course he does, even if Justin himself somewhat muddies the waters (as usual) in his words to keep the Primates onside:

“Following the defeat of the take note vote at the General Synod of the Church of England, I want to reiterate that there are no changes in the liturgy, the situation or in the rules regarding human sexuality in the Church of England.”

In short, “not very radical inclusion.”

Father David
Father David
6 years ago

Is that titfer being worn by Archbishop Laud a Bishop Andrewes Cap? Sorry not to see a biretta included among the episcopal millinery.

Father Ron Smith
6 years ago

An excellent letter by Dan Ennis, highlighting the new situation in the Church of England from the perspective of The Episcopal Church in the USA. What The Episcopal Churches in North America and Scotland and the Anglican Church of Canada (and other Anglican Churches around the world – including ACANZP – that are not linked with GAFCON) will be keen to find out is; whether or not the Church of England and its archbishops will take steps to distance themselves from the schismatic activities of the GAFCON Provincial Churches by publicly repudiating the latest takeover bids for the soul of… Read more »

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