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Dean of St Paul's calls for safeguarding overhaul

David Ison the Dean of St Paul’s has called for a radical overhaul of safeguarding in the Church of England.

This is reported here: Dean of St Paul’s calls for ‘compromised’ bishops to lose responsibility for safeguarding.

The full text of the dean’s remarks can be found here: “Cassock Chasers” and Compromised Clergy. Please read the whole of it.

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6 years ago

I don’t think the CofE is getting safeguarding at all right. Indeed, the CofE seems to be making all sorts of mistakes–not acting as it should in some cases, yet acting as it shouldn’t in others (e.g., Bishop Bell?).

In other words, the CofE does not seem quite up to the complex task of aiding the victims, punishing the culpable, and respecting the innocent.

Further proofs of this ahead, I suspect.

Father David
6 years ago

It is now two months since Lord Carlile delivered his report on 6th October. How long, O Lord, how long?
Happy St. Nicholas’ Day, he who was a model in the treatment of children. I recall the resurrection of the dismembered boys in the brine tub and the young girls saved from a life of prostitution thanks to good St. Nick’s generosity. No wonder they made him, among many other things, Patron Saint of Children.

David Runcorn
David Runcorn
6 years ago

Father David You keep asking this question. It was answered on a previous thread see here

Father David
6 years ago

Yes, I do, David Runcorn, but there is no specific answer to the question as to the exact date of publication. It’s a bit like PMQs, the Leader of the Opposition asks a question but very rarely does he get a response from the Prime Minister to the actual question he has posed.

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