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Opinion – 20 January 2018

Andrew Lightbown Theore0 Can the C of E learn a lesson or two from Tim Farron
Speaking of inclusivity and disagreement

David Walker Via Media.News A Changing View From Across the Pond…

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Clifford Longley The Tablet Is it time for the bishops to make a ‘bonfire of their vanities’?

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Janet Fife
Janet Fife
6 years ago

I welcome Andrew Lightbown’s piece on Tim Farron. I would add that the seeming contradiction between Farron’s voting record and his personal beliefs is resolved by his liberal convictions: everyone should be free to behave as they like, provided it causes no harm to others. I can see why Lightbown omitted this: it will carry little weight with those whose identity lies in being traditional/conservative, and who are in love with power. As for distinguishing between first-order and second-order issues, St. Paul sets us a glorious example. Being multi-cultural, he had worked out what elements of the Gospel were essential… Read more »

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