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Opinion – 24 January 2018

Richard Rohr Center for Action and Contemplation At-One-Ment, Not Atonement

Bosco Peters Liturgy Divorcees & Committed Same-Sex Couples part 1

John Gillibrand Ekklesia Anglicanism – the road ahead of us

James Woodward ViaMedia.News Refining and Owning our Anger…

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William Coats
William Coats
2 years ago

Richard Rohr’s unease with the substitutionary theory of Atonement (implied in the synoptics and employed by Paul save in Romans 6) is well taken. But his adverting though Scotism to some vague “solidarity” with God is vague gibberish. Its only success is to elide sin and salvation at the same time. Salvation in the synoptics and for a while with Jesus meant an escape from the judgment to be meted out by the wrath-descending God (the wretched Kingdom of God theology). Nor was any alternative expressed – save by John in his gospel. Here sin was the enmeshed human in… Read more »

Rod Gillis
Rod Gillis
2 years ago

Thanks so much for the article by Fr. Richard Rohr. It is especially important, given the current rampant and increasing abuses of human rights by governments of all types, often with religious complicity, that people of faith have alternatives to violence based theologies such as are embodied in substitution theories of the atonement.

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