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Opinion – 3 March 2018

Anna Norman-Walker ViaMedia.News Disgrace by Association

Mark Clavier The Living Church Schools for the Imagination

Church Times God’s gift, not priest-lite cherry-pickers
Self-supporting ministers do not receive the recognition or status that they deserve, says Jenny Gage

Church Times Women in ministry: the next steps
In response to Women’s History Month, Johanna Derry looks at issues faced by women clergy

Sarah Mullally Contemplation in the shadow of a carpark Accelerating Change – Safe and Open Churches

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Erika Baker
Erika Baker
6 years ago

The CT article on the next steps for women’s ministry seems a little over-enthusiastic when it says that women priest are now perfectly normal and that the challenges focus around childcare etc.

The “Eve’s Call” Project from Ripon College shows the everyday comments female ordinands are still confronted with today.

I shared this to my FB page and was horrified by how many of my women priest friends, some ordained only very recently, told me that the same things had been said to them.

We have a long way to go yet.

6 years ago

Erika, that CT article did not help much either. It definitely stereotypes women as being mothers and responsibile for childcare. In reality some women – and I seem to know several personally – don’t want children. I know others who are the main breadwinner.

That CT article was horribly old-fashioned. I don’t think it is right to blame men exclusively for how women are treated – I think a significant number of women feed and share the prejudices and stereotypes.

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