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IICSA hearings – Tuesday 13 March

The transcript for Tuesday 13 March is available here. Witnesses were The Revd Canon and Worshipful Dr Rupert Bursell QC, Professor Julie Macfarlane, and Bishop Mark Sowerby.

Media reports:

Church Times Abuse survivor tells IICSA of her battle for justice


  • Malcolm says:

    What Prof Mcfarlane was saying in evidence about insurers and their solicitors and even more so in her Church Times article of 2015 supports what I said in the comments on Matthew Inesons last entries. The Church is not in charge of its culture. It’s the Insurers (or according to the Professor) it’s Lawyers

  • Helen King says:

    Reading these transcripts daily, it’s just struck me that it was considered OK to have clergy and organists with a history of abuse in churches where there were ‘no children’. But how fixed is a congregation? Surely a new family with children could arrive at any time?? Didn’t anyone think of this?

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