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Opinion – 21 March 2018

David Walker ViaMedia.News St Francis – Suffering, Abuse of Power and the Love of God.

Andrew Lightbown Theore0 Talking of leadership and governance

Jason Farago New York Times ‘Jacob and His Twelve Sons’: Zurbarán’s Biblical All-Stars

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love Living to survive church – a reflection on the IICSA hearings

Nick Baines The facts of the matter?

Jem Bloomfield quiteirregular Sunday Morning in the Midlands

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Janet Fife
Janet Fife
6 years ago

In Colin Coward’s otherwise good piece, he confuses Stephen Parsons with Graham Tilby.

It seems, judging from statements made by ++Justin Welby and +Hancock, that the IICSA hearings have made some impression. I hope and pray that leads to real change. The summer hearings will show us If a start has been made.

6 years ago

Janet, I am sceptical. There is massive difference between “our conduct was unacceptable” and ” bishop X’s conduct was unacceptable”, and a still further leap to “my conduct has been unacceptable”. My sense is that the Church is going to be mired in the faceless “our conduct”. Easy to say because nobody is held accountable, nobody faces any consequences. It will be sad if that’s the outcome, because if it is, nothing will really change. Maybe some new procedures, but pretty much only a shuffling of the deckchairs on the deck of the Titanic.

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