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Opinion – 21 April 2018

Andrew Lightbown Theore0 Speaking of being senior
The theopolitics of disassociation

Gilo Surviving Church Society for the Protection of Bishops – Gilo’s response
Stephen Parsons Surviving Church Honesty and integrity in the Church – a response to Gilo

Mark Clavier The Living Church Morning Diary of a Cathedral Canon

Lorraine Cavanagh IICSA – Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Marcus Green The Possibility of Difference Ethical Leadership


  • Janet Fife says:

    Lovely piece by Marcus Green on ethical leadership and ethical following.

    One thing I like about working with what used to be called working class people, is they’re more upfront about what they think & feel than those who have been educated and socialised out of honesty. It’s refreshing, and I wish I was better at it myself.

  • Marcus Green’s post strikes a chord. We in ACANZP are about to consider the Blessing of Same-Sex Unions (Motion 29) at our upcoming General Synod. There is some opposition from FCANZ (the local branch of GAFCON), which is hoping to derail the process – in pursuit of their own ‘holiness code’. It is comforting to know that Jesus was more into shepherding than shibboleths. Deo Gratias!

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