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Opinion – 25 April 2018

Paul Bayes ViaMedia.News “Do as we say” or “Do as we do”?

Jon White The Episcopal Café Do priests and pastors need an office?

Pierre Whalon Anglican Communion News Service Living with Laïcité

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5 years ago

I am really warming to Paul Bayes. He repeatedly says the right things. All to often, people mouth inclusive platitudes but reveal their lack of genuine care by using carelessly wrong language. It is to Paul’s immense credit that he has taken the time to learn to properly use inclusive language. I think he will genuinely try to make things better. My concern, because he always speaks in general terms rather than specifics, is whether he regards better as good enough or whether he understands that there is no halfway house and things need to be put right. So, while… Read more »

David Emmott
David Emmott
5 years ago

The post ‘Do priests need an office?’ seems to reflect the North American situation more than the C of E, where traditionally the vicar has worked from home and had a study (which sometimes doubles as an office) as a base. I know there is a tendency even here for clergy to live away from their churches or even parishes, and use an ‘office’ in the church building. But generally we have avoided the temptation to become 9-5 commuters. It’s all very well suggesting we should be out on the streets, or meeting people in cafés etc, but for a… Read more »

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