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Opinion – 30 May 2018

Ian Gomersall has written about what he, the rector of St Chrysostom’s Church, Manchester, does.

1. Prison Visiting
2. Munamato
3. Baptism Preparation
4. Listens to pastoral concerns
5. Prays at 5pm

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church What is Safeguarding? Questions for the July Synod.

Wealands Bell Alexa, what did you think of the sermon? (On Alexa, Anglicans and Alabama.)
[with reference to this press release]

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Rod Gillis
Rod Gillis
2 years ago

The Wealands Bell article highlights an important aspect of dialogical undertakings and conflict resolution. Individuals and their culture are in a reciprocal relationship.We make our culture and our culture shapes us. The ability of communities (including religions) to resolve differences, or learn to live with them peacefully,often hinges on whether or not there is cross cultural communication. Bell writes “…Church of England bishops preach … in a manner markedly different from an African-American raised on the memory of Birmingham, Alabama.” Bishop Curry’s sermon was not simply a text based treatise. He clearly shaped an exposition on love and justice as… Read more »

peterpi - Peter Gross
peterpi - Peter Gross
2 years ago

On the Wealands Bell piece, and religion on State occasions, I am reminded of one fine day a couple of decades ago at a daily session of the Colorado state legislature, which has a tradition of inviting religious leaders (predominantly, but not exclusively, Christian) to give a prayer at the opening of the day’s business. This particular day, a state legislator had invited a Pentecostal Christian preacher to give the prayer, and the preacher spoke directly about what he thought of the legislature’s recent actions on abortion, same-sex marriage, and other issues. Some members were appalled and walked out. The… Read more »

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