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Opinion – 2 June 2018

Philip North Church Times The spreadsheet or the cross — time to choose
“A radical change of mindset is needed to close the vast gap in wealth between the dioceses”
and in response
Andrew Lightbown Theore0 Speaking of spreadsheets and the cross

Richard Coles Church Times The spiritual potential of Twitter
“Social media can align the values of the Kingdom and this world”

Stephen Parsons Surviving Church ‘The Gift of Reproof’. Making peace with accusers

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Janet Fife
Janet Fife
5 years ago

Thank you to Philip North and Andrew Lightbown for their timely and prophetic contributions. I have worked in both wealthy and very poor churches, and seen first-hand the difference that extra resources can make. It can be as basic as being able to afford baptism candles and books to give away; and gifts for children on anniversaries of baptism; all the way up to funding holiday clubs, children’s corners, and socials for the elderly. One parish was a socially deprived estate in Chester diocese. The modern building had been furnished a couple of decades previously with a collection of old… Read more »

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