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Lionel Blue: Thought for the Day

Rabbi Lionel Blue talked about acceptance of gay people in Tuesday’s Thought for the Day on BBC Radio 4.

Whilst most liberal Jews accept gay people, and a gay rabbi like Lionel Blue, Orthodox and Hasidic Jews do not. The dilemma of those who want to remain Orthodox whilst finding themselves to be gay is beautifully portrayed in the documentary Trembling before G-d. What comes across most strongly is the desire of the gay people to hold firmly to their faith, and Christians may be astonished mainly at the insight this provides to the commitment and fervour of those who hold to Orthodox Judaism, and the way faith directs every aspect of life.

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A. Martin
A. Martin
20 years ago

Considering the current state of distress (to put it mildly) regarding issues of homosexuality in the Anglican Communion, I would recommend that Rowan Cantaur have the opportunity to view Trembling Before G-D. I have not seen this wonderful-sounding documentary, but it sounds as though it might be a very useful resource for the upcoming meeting of Anglican Primates in October. Perhaps someone with clout could make sure it gets in front of his face. As it seems to currently be touring in England, this point in time might even be providential. I’m guessing it might well be instructional for ALL… Read more »

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