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'Bush is back'

‘Bush is back’ — Brian Draper at LICC writes about this week’s news from the USA.

Bush is back. And many Christians are rejoicing. The president’s thinking is driven both by a theology of personal morality, and the conviction that he and his country can act globally and unilaterally, on God’s behalf, for good.

Yet any Christian who worries — as many do — about the past and future consequences of this combination is now faced with a choice.

Either they surrender to the sense of disempowerment that swept both coasts of America and much of the world on Wednesday. Or, more positively, they seize the opportunity to ensure that practical theology is not monopolised by the Religious Right for the next four years.

Continue reading at LICC to see Draper’s response to President Bush’s re-election.

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Jay Vos
Jay Vos
19 years ago

There’s nothing wrong with us!!!

Check out
“Rich’s NYT column”:

Christopher Shell
Christopher Shell
19 years ago

What is puzzling is that whereas Bush’s position of family morality is merely common sense and statistical sense, there is no obvious connection of this with a hawkish position on Iraq – quite the reverse, I would have thought.

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