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Windsor report: Church Times analysis

Since our earlier reports of news coverage, a number of comment articles that were published in the Church Times have become available online without subscription.

First, in the issue of 22 October, these appeared an additional news report: Frank talk with Josiah
There is a full transcript of the event reported here on the Pew Forum website.

There was also a Lambeth Commission: main points summary of the report, and the text of the draft anglican covenant.

The Church Times editorial is That the world may believe

There is also a series of analyses:
Has Robin Eames done it again? by Peter Lee, Bishop of Virginia
A chance for relationships by Njongonkulu Ndungane Primate of the Church of the Province of Southern Africa
Counting the cost of unity by Giles Fraser
Two cheers for ECUSA by David Edwards
It’s not enough for healing by Robert Duncan Bishop of Pitsburgh
You don’t need to call in the law by John Rees
We can all celebrate diversity by Tom Wright Bishop of Durham
The paper also reprinted an extract from Rowan Williams’s address to the1998 Lambeth Conference, When Christians disagree.

There are First responses from our readers to the Windsor report and in his Press column Andrew Brown discusses the initial newspaper reports.

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Martha Jo
Martha Jo
19 years ago

Why can’t we celebrate the diverse nature of our spiritual paths? We are coming together, slowly, but I believe, surely.

Christopher Shell
Christopher Shell
19 years ago

I guess the answer was given by Tom Wright. Some people are assuming that our differences are concerning things that are not of primary importance.
There’s two things wrong with this approach. (1) Never assume anything. (2) Who says they are not of primary importance?

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