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Pittsburgh diocesan goings-on

Anglicans Online has reports in its News Centre today of some of these extraordinary events, but here is more detail.

The Diocese of Pittsburgh has issued three press releases:
Constitutional amendment overwhelmingly approved

The amendment gives the diocese the constitutional foundation needed to differ with the national church when the diocesan convention determines the national body’s decisions “to be contrary to the historic faith and order of the one holy catholic and apostolic church.” In those cases, the amended constitution makes clear that “the local determination shall prevail.”

To be approved, the resolution had to be passed by majorities of both clergy and lay delegates. Among clergy, 79 voted in favor, 14 against, and 8 abstained. Lay delegates also passed the constitutional amendment by a lopsided margin, with 124 in favor, 45 against and 3 abstentions.

Churches involved in lawsuit should reconsider, says Bishop

Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh Bishop Robert Duncan asked two parishes of the Diocese, Calvary Episcopal Church in East Liberty and St. Stephen’s Church in Wilkensburg, to reconsider their 13-month-old lawsuit against both bishops and 16 other clergy and lay leaders of the Diocese on November 6.

In order to encourage that process and bring the issues involved to resolution, Bishop Duncan gave notice that the union of those congregations to the diocese might properly be considered the next time the Convention of the diocese meets. Diocesan canons provide that the Convention may dissolve its connection to a parish in cases where there are egregious breeches of church faith or church order. The Bishop said that it was the deepest hope of the Standing Committee that invoking this provision might help everyone understand the gravity of what is at issue, and that there must be some better way than Christians suing one another in court. The bishop stated in making the announcement that he hoped this would actually move forward a process of reconciliation and restoration.

Misinformation in Post-Gazette article damaging to diocesan mission

Unfounded speculation, printed in the November 4 Pittsburgh Post – Gazette under the headline “Episcopal diocese ponders future,” is not only untrue, but damaging to the unity and mission of Pittsburgh Episcopalians, said Bishop Robert Duncan.

Dealing with the last one first, here is the newspaper report:
Episcopal diocese ponders future

Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh issued two press releases, each dealing with one of the other two items:

Pittsburgh Episcopal Diocese Pursues Divisive Course
Bishop Threatens Parishes with Expulsion

and the local newspaper reported on them in these terms:
Episcopalians here defy U.S. church
Local bishop pressures two Episcopal churches

Here is the report from Episcopal News Service
Pittsburgh convention approves nullification of national actions

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J. C. Fisher
19 years ago

It seems like the inevitable is inching closer and closer: presentments against +Robert, for abandoning the _Episcopal_ Diocese of Pittsburgh (w/ probably a painfully large number of people abandoning the parishes of the Diocese also).

Lord, could we please have a miracle here/now? Gale-force Pentecost winds of the Spirit of Reconciliation?

[An aside, apropos the last couple of weeks: when I get depressed about the AC, I look at the USA. When I get depressed about the USA, I look at the AC! ;-/]

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