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Windsor Report: Reception Process

The Anglican Communion News Service has announced in ACNS 3914 that the Lambeth Commission web site has been expanded and developed for the Reception Process of the Windsor Report.

The new site brings together the three strands of the Commission’s work, including all documentation and materials related to the composition of the Windsor Report 2004, commission news and related articles, and all up-to-date information on the now ongoing Reception Process.

Users of the site are able to submit their own views across a range of categories – general responses, ecumenical comment, and answers to questions posed by the Primates’ Standing Committee – in relation to this Reception Process.
The questions, most of which were first listed in ACNS 3909 ,are reproduced below.

The site also includes a section in which official responses to the Windsor Report will be posted. So far it includes 11 items by Primates and Provinces of the Communion.

There is also now a Summary Guide to the report, available here.

Questions for Consultation with the forty four Churches of the Anglican Communion as formulated by the Primates’ Standing Committee 18 October 2004

1. What in the description of the life of the Communion in Sections A & B can you recognise as consistent, or not, with your understanding of the Anglican Communion?
2. In which ways do the proposals in Section C & D flow appropriately from the description of the Communion’s life in Sections A & B?
3. What do you think are the ways in which the recommendations and proposals of the Report would impact on the life of the Communion if they were to be implemented?
4. How would you evaluate the arguments for an Anglican Covenant set out in paragraph 119 of the Report? How far do the elements included in the possible draft for such a covenant in Appendix Two of the Report represent an appropriate development of the existing life of the Anglican Communion?

Questions on the Windsor Report for dialogue with our ecumenical partners as formulated by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Revd Rowan Williams, and the Secretary General of the Anglican Consultative Council, the Revd Canon John L. Peterson

1. What do you find helpful in the Windsor Report 2004?
2. What questions does the report raise from the perspective of your church?
3. If the recommendations of the Windsor Report were implemented, how would this affect your church’s relationship with the Anglican Communion as an ecumenical partner?

More general questions posed:

1. How can the 44 churches of the Anglican Communion be helped to stay together?
2. How should a Christian behave when another Christian does something which they believe is deeply offensive to the Gospel?
3. Would you like to see Anglican/Episcopal churches moving closer together or going their separate ways?