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Mark Dyer on the Windsor Report

Bishop Mark Dyer is the retired Bishop of Bethlehem (Pennsylvania, USA). He currently teaches at the Virginia Theological Seminary and worships at St. Mary’s, Arlington. He was the only ECUSA representative on the Lambeth Commission. Since the publication of the Windsor Report he has been speaking at many venues across the USA.

An audio tape of his remarks to the clergy of the Diocese of Virginia, on 15 November at Richmond, Virginia can be heard here. This is a very detailed analysis of the Windsor Report. Although it is very long, it is well worth listening to in full.

A transcript of his remarks at the Virginia Theological Seminary on 5 November can be found here.

Another transcript is here.

Some of Bishop Dyer’s views have been strongly contested by American conservatives, see for example
Mark Dyer’s Departure from Theology and Faith Criticized
Mark Dyer, The Virginia Report, and the Promise of The Windsor Report.
Dyer Lecture Twists Windsor Report

Readers of TA must form their own views and are welcome to comment here.

Here is the statement from Bishop Mark Dyer issued to ENS at the time the Windsor Report was published.

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Rodney McInnes
Rodney McInnes
19 years ago

The “conversation” which Bishop Dyer suggests now take place on the basis of the Windsor Report will be conducted, at best, through tightly clenched teeth. Otherwise the temptation to start shouting will be overwhelming. First it will be necessary to arrive at some common ground where all can stand and know that the other side is at least standing in the same place. The difficulty in doing that will first be apparent when the “authority of Scripture” is being assessed. As things stand there is no agreement on this fundamental point. There can be no discussion when one side says,… Read more »

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