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trouble in Harare

The Church Times reports this week on this.

CAMPAIGNERS against the pro-Mugabe Bishop of Harare, the Rt Revd Nolbert Kunonga, are increasing pressure to have him brought to trial in a church court.

Charges were filed against the Bishop, including one for incitement to murder, in October 2003 (see below). The Archbishop charged with forming the court, the Most Revd Bernard Malango, has so far been unable to do so, despite constant pressure from those who say that the Bishop is bringing the Church into disrepute.

It emerged on Tuesday that lawyers for the campaigners have now applied to a secular court to compel Archbishop Malango to bring proceedings against Bishop Kunonga…

Courts used to end delays over bishop

A further article featuring a interview with Pauline Makoni will not appear on the Church Times website until later. I will add the link here in due course.

Meanwhile similar details are contained in the BBC radio report on the Sunday programme. Listen with Real Audio here.

It’s not only President Robert Mugabe and the Government of Zimbabwe which is mired in controversy, the Anglican bishop of Harare is being taken to court by some members of his diocese. They say it is a last resort as the Anglican communion has let them down by refusing to act against the Bishop. They accuse Bishop Kunonga of falsifying minutes, withholding church finance records and even of incitement to murder. It has been alleged that the pro-Mugabe Bishop diverted 1.3 million dollars into an account of which he was the sole signatory and that in October 2003 he seized a white owned farm close to the city, evicting black workers in order to move his son into the 2,000 acre property. Pauline Makoni is a lay councillor at the Harare Cathedral and one of those involved in the campaign. Roger [Bolton] asked her how much support she’d received from the people in the diocese of Harare for her actions. So why can’t the Anglican Communion do more to help Pauine Makoni and the Harare diocese? We asked the Anglican Consultative Council for an interview but no-one was available to comment. However Roger is joined by the Bishop of Southwark, Tom Butler whose own diocese has links with churches in Zimbabwe.

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roof ward
roof ward
19 years ago

The situation in the diocese of Harare has been left hanging for far more than is spiritually healthy for the Anglican Communion. The mess in Harare reflects the careless attitude that the whole Anglican communion has towards getting rid of sin in an ordinary believer.

‘I am not my brothers keeper’ I suppose is the attitude.


19 years ago

To me as a German-Anglican Christ follower it is hard to think about the situation of the Anglican Community in Harare, which I got to know personally, as I have been in Harare a couple of times.
In my congregation we pray for the diocese of Harare regularly; this at least is what we can do.

Enoch Opuka
Enoch Opuka
16 years ago

The latest from Harare is that all Anglicans have been stopped from visiting the St Bernard Mizeki shrine. This has been the practice from the early 30’s. Those who will attend will be arrested. I am sad.

Fr. Enoch
May 25, 2008

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