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An extremely long interview with Tom Wright conducted in June 2004 for the Living Church is now appearing on the interviewer’s blog:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

I will add links here to the newly promised 7 when published.

Hat tip to KH for finding this.

Tom Wright Bishop of Durham issued a press release on 10 December, which currently appears only at this URL. Complete text below the fold.

Press release from the Bishop of Durham
by Thomas Dunelm (Dec 10, 2004)

As a member of the Lambeth Commission which produced the Windsor Report, I have been dismayed to see the misrepresentation, in some newspapers, of the views of the Chairman, Archbishop Robin Eames.

Archbishop Eames has now issued a statement in which he has put the matter straight. Having worked with him closely for the last year, I can say with full assurance that this new statement, rather than the misleading reports, represents his true mind.

The Lambeth Commission was not a think-tank representing a pressure group. It represented the wide range both of geography and opinion in the Anglican Communion, and its recommendations were unanimous. The Report urgently requires, not more leisured debate, but action.

I strongly support the Archbishop in saying that the Primates, at their meeting in February, must not only take forward further discussion of the Report’s longer-term proposals, but must actually implement the recommendations which address the immediate problems we have been facing.

Auckland Castle
Bishop Auckland
Co. Durham, DL14 7NR

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marc mahler
marc mahler
19 years ago

Thankfully there are a few good believers out there like the Bishop of Durham Tom Wright who can see the truth about Iraq and is not afraid to stand up speak out to those who will listen.
My wife and I have become totaly disillusioned with the chuch over the overwhelming support for the war and the re-election with the help of the u.s christian community of bush and the easter message on chanel 4 was a sane moment from a quality individual to lift the spirit in this mad,mad world – thankyou.

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