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DEPO: an example

This report from the Diocese of Massachusetts is very encouraging and suggests that the proposed arrangements in the Episcopal Church USA for extended oversight can be made to work but require goodwill on both sides.

Boston Globe Episcopalians compromise to avoid split

Another longstanding example, also in New England, mentioned briefly in the above article, was featured in the Church Times last November. A theology of rubbing along

Other examples, anyone?

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John Donnelly
John Donnelly
19 years ago

Re: the Rhode Island “compromise”:Interesting, isn’t it, that Bishop Wolf’s comments are so gracious, and that her behavior exhibits the humility of servant leadership, while the Revd. Ostman can’t resist criticizing both his previous bishop and the current bishop of Pennsylvania.Then Fr. Ostman commits the final kick in the teeth with his very-thinly veiled threat of schism due to “comments in the Windsor report.” True compromise requires much more than taking all one can without engaging in a spirit of venerating the unity of our Episcopal Church in all its diversity of faith.

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