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Communion Partner bishops issue FAQ on same-sex marriage

We reported previously on developments within TEC concerning the implementation of resolution B012:

TEC adopts compromise solution on same-sex marriage

Diocese of Albany considers same-sex marriages

There was an earlier ENS report which we missed: Diocesan bishops who blocked same-sex marriages take reluctant first steps toward allowing ceremonies.

Now, Communion Partners has issued this:

FAQ on the 79th General Convention Answers from Communion Partner Bishops of the Episcopal Church to Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Provisions for Same-sex Marriage.

This includes a comparison between the position of Communion Partners and The Society.

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5 years ago

Well, it looks like CP Bishops and Dioceses are not relinquishing that polity, but reconfiguring it so that parishes wanting ss rites are being given access at the behest and on the terms the Bishops and Dioceses agree, so that they remain Bishops and Dioceses as heretofore. The question is whether these parishes find the arrangement acceptable, and whether and how the wider TEC views this move on the part of CP Dioceses/Bishops. Now, and over the course of the coming years. So, e.g. will consents be given to Bishops in these arrangements when the incumbent retires? Will GC 2021… Read more »

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