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General Synod asked to consider Martyn Percy case

The Church Times has a report  C of E is ‘being used’ in campaign against Dean of Christ Church.

THE Church of England is being “dragged into a vendetta” against the Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, the Very Revd Professor Martyn Percy, General Synod members have been told.

In a letter circulated last week to other Synod members, David Lamming and Martin Sewell characterise the investigation by the National Safeguarding Team (NST) — initiated after a complaint lodged by the Senior Censor, Professor Geraldine Johnson, and others (News, 29 May) — as an abuse of the C of E’s processes by “well-connected persons”…

Archbishop Cranmer has published the full text of the letter mentioned above, see Martyn Percy: Synod challenges Christ Church abuse of CofE safeguarding process.

This letter is currently being circulated to members of General Synod of the Church of England, in advance of their virtual meeting in July. There will be two Q&A sessions, and it is hoped that this summary of the situation will encourage Synod members to look carefully into the way the Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, is being appallingly treated – not only by the Governing Body of the College, but also now by the National Safeguarding Team of the Church of England.

The authors, lawyers Martin Sewell and David Lamming, have worked tirelessly on the chronic mishandling of the Bishop George Bell case, and it is profoundly disappointing to see many of the problems identified by the Carlile Report seemingly replicated in the case now being considered against Prof Martyn Percy…

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Richard W. Symonds
Richard W. Symonds
4 years ago

General Synod members Martin Sewell and David Lamming are courageously ‘walking the talk’ – with the former writing in a Church Times letter this week [June 19]:   “Christians are called to be ‘as wise as serpents, as gentle as doves’; we are not called to be the ‘useful idiots’ of which Lenin spoke”   Martin was also mentioned at the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse- IICSA [March 5 2018 – Page 129 – Paras. 2-19] by Richard Scorer – Counsel for the complainants, victims and survivors represented by Slater & Gordon.   The words continue to resonate like… Read more »

Last edited 4 years ago by Richard W. Symonds
Jenny Humphreys
Jenny Humphreys
4 years ago

Has the letter from David Lamming and Martin Sewell been sent to all members of General Synod? I haven’t received it yet.

Martin Sewell
Martin Sewell
Reply to  Jenny Humphreys
4 years ago

Jenny I am away and do not have access to all GS email addresses. If you have the directory email me. If not ask Simon here to forward yours to me and I will keep you informed.

Charles Read
Reply to  Martin Sewell
4 years ago

Yes, also have not received the letter – would very much support this.

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