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IICSA Anglican Church Hearing Day 1

Updated 26 July (video recordings added)

The transcript of the first day of this hearing, which covers both the Church of England and the Church in Wales, is available here.

Video recordings of today:

List of documents adduced today.

Witness statement of Bishop Sarah Mullally

The Church Times has published two reports of the hearing:

The Daily Mail has this: Almost 400 people in ‘positions of trust’ with the Church of England have been convicted of child sex offences, inquiry hears.

The timetable.for the remainder of the first week is here. The hearings are scheduled to last two weeks.

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Richard W. Symonds
Richard W. Symonds
4 years ago

IICSA DAY 1 – JULY 1 2019 – RICHARD SCORER – EXCERPT – INCLUDING A MENTION OF ‘THINKING ANGLICANS’ – PAGE 92(5) Page 91 20….The church is now saying proposals 21 for change will be put before synod in mid 2020, another 22 year away. So what survivors see here is a lack of 23 urgency about change. They see the church, in their 24 eyes, dragging its feet, maybe making a few tweaks to 25 the language, and the change to Canon law, which was so Page 92 1 internal investigation processes is actually expressed 2 not just by… Read more »

Richard Ashby
Richard Ashby
4 years ago

In the topic above:- The archbishops think it both ‘inappropriate’ and ‘not the right time’ to be discussing the Blackburn letter at Synod. Thus clearly confirming that they still have no sense of the urgency or importance.

I hope that IICSA take appropriate note.

Richard W. Symonds
Richard W. Symonds
Reply to  Richard Ashby
4 years ago

I am sure the IICSA has taken appropriate note – especially Fiona Scolding who said in Macbethian tones yesterday:

“We have received very comprehensive evidence from the Church of England about its current and future work, and it has been identified that there has been a plethora of actions and activity undertaken. What the inquiry wishes to probe is whether that activity has borne fruit or changed underlying attitudes, or whether it is full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”

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