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National Redress Scheme: financial award proposals published

The National Redress Scheme is for survivors and victims of Church-related abuse. See here for links to earlier press releases about this.

Details of the proposed financial award framework for the Church of England’s national Redress Scheme have now been published. If approved, the framework would be used to calculate offers of financial redress to survivors and victims of Church-related abuse. Details of the proposed approach to funding the Redress Scheme have also been announced.

The Redress Project Board has agreed the recommended financial award framework for the national Redress Scheme. If approved through the Church of England’s legislative processes, the framework would result in individual awards of between £5000 and £660,000 in rare and exceptional circumstances. For more details read the latest press release: National Redress Scheme: Proposed financial award framework and approach to funding.

Church Times report: Survivors could be paid £660,000 in C of E’s four-stage redress scheme

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David Hawkins
David Hawkins
20 days ago

I have to be very careful what I say about this because I am a victim of emotional not sexual abuse. The very last thing I want to do is to diminish the damage and hurt others are feeling and I wouldn’t at all presume to speak for them, I only speak for myself. The very last thing I want is a financial pay out. What I need is for the Church to engage with love, empathy and compassion with the hurt caused to me by one of it’s priests. What I fear very much is that this is yet… Read more »

Reply to  David Hawkins
19 days ago

I agree David that it is ludicrous that seemingly large awards can be offered but the original abuse situation not resolved independently because there is no power or scope to do that. For many people that is not redress. I am also concerned that amounts £6000+ could impact entitlement to benefits and not be worth claiming for many people who would be worse off. I am assuming the awards will be tax free but the Redress team need to provide financial advisers in order that people can make informed decisions. I am assuming/hoping that the very large amounts are for… Read more »

Kate Keates
Kate Keates
Reply to  Trish
18 days ago

There are personal injury trusts. I’m not a solicitor so I can’t say if they could be used for payments under the redress scheme but in some cases I suspect that it could be possible. It’s something which TPTB should investigate.

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