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Opinion – 1 August 2018

Kelvin Holdsworth What’s in Kelvin’s Head Praying for Dr Pritchard

Richard Peers Quodcumque – Serious Christianity How should we respond in prayer to IICSA? – Independent Inquiry Child Sexual Abuse

Colin Coward Unadulterated Love Evidence of shockingly prejudiced attitudes to LGBTI+ people in the Church of England

Andrew Lightbown Theore0 Speaking of bishops, accountability, and governance

Jenn Strawbridge Young Clergy Women International  Tainted Love

Michelle Montrose Liverpool Parish Church Sermon preached on 29 July
[This is the sermon I heard at church on Sunday morning.]

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John Peet
John Peet
5 years ago

Having worked for over 20 years as an Anglican/Methodist Vicar/Minister I am particularly interested to see what insights on episcopacy the Church of England might gain from the Methodist interpretation of episcope, which is shared, certainly non-monarchical (the root of a lot of the Anglican problems) and open to much greater accountability. I would hope that if the Methodist Church can take the huge step of taking personal episcopacy into its system, the Church of England might have the grace to reciprocate in learning from a different tradition and changing the nature of its episcopacy so that the governance issues… Read more »

Anne Lee
Anne Lee
5 years ago

I hope others were as shocked as I was to read Jenn Strawbridge’s excellent piece. Her graciousness and understanding shine through. It can never be acceptable to spit at anyone whether in church or out of church. Whatever our differences of theological opinion and understanding we must allow other people to have different opinions, different views and different understandings. Which is why we need to keep listening to each other and trying to understand people who have a different view to the ones we hold. Part of me hopes that Jenn Strawbridge knew who it was who spat at her… Read more »

Janet Fife
Janet Fife
Reply to  Anne Lee
5 years ago

If Jenn doesn’t know who spat on her- and the person seems to have been outside her line of vision – there will be others who do. You can’t spit on someone in a procession in church without being visible to a number of people. I would hope that the person was reported and disciplinary action taken, but an apology should have been issued to Jenn. Unfortunately this sort of behaviour, while rare, has been largely tolerated in the Church. When I was serving in Manchester Diocese another clergywoman was spat on in the street by a male priest. She… Read more »

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